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How to Get a LeaseRunner Promo Code

Posted October 14th, 2011 No Comments

That’s exactly what I would do; search for a promo code before any online purchase. I love discounts, coupons, and deals; they make me feel like a winner! It’s like getting an extra scoop of ice cream for free or buying the best house in the neighborhood for the price of the cheapest one. Yes I know, these scenarios rarely happen but it’s worth to be on the lookout because you never know when you can score a deal…

I am a marketer here at LeaseRunner. I am fighting for the “winner” feeling for our users. I was doing well until the accountant argued: “If they found LeaseRunner, they already are winners.” At that point we were on the same front, I couldn’t do anything other than agree.

But I am talking about a different kind of win! Yes of course, our users win just by using LeaseRunner. Saving all that time, gas, paper, sanity; but you have already heard that thousand times before. I am talking about the win of getting a deal.

Here Is the Deal

While we issue promo codes only on special occasions, we worked around the clock to create a referral program for LeaseRunner. It basically works like a promo code but you have to work for it little bit.

Here Is What You Need to Do

> Sign up for LeaseRunner (with or without any promo or referral code).

> Go to Account Settings > Referral Code at your account.

> Share your referral code with your friends who would appreciate leasing their properties digitally. You can post your referral code on all social networks or email it to specific friends, it’s up to you.

> Once your friends sign up and activate their accounts, you and the new users will automatically receive one Service Credit for a batch of lease documents with digital signature ($15 value). For each new user you refer to LeaseRunner, you will receive one service credit.

–        Your service credit never expires and is redeemed once you sign a lease with your tenant.

Since background checks, and rent collection fees can be passed on the applicant/tenant, this referral program is a recipe on using LeaseRunner completely for free. We are not trying to promote it, but since you have read this entire post to the end, you must be rewarded.

Happy digital leasing everyone!

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