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We Are Enhancing LeaseRunner!

Posted June 26th, 2012 No Comments

Between 9 pm and 12 am on Tuesday 6/26, LeaseRunner will be down. Our team will be working on turning on one of the best enhancements in LeaseRunner era – new document building engine. Due to this system update, you will not be able to log in to LeaseRunner, your tenants won’t be able to log in to their Tenant Payment Center to pay rent, and your applicants won’t be able to complete their rental application.

All interrupted services will be back up and running as soon as LeaseRunner goes live again on Tuesday around midnight (MDT). If you experience any issues after the deployment, please contact us at

What is the enhancement all about?

Creating and signing a lease cannot get any easier anymore!

You will be able to select all document templates you wish to use, e.g. Lease Agreement, Pet Agreement, Lead Paint Disclosure all at once. You will be able to rearrange the order of these documents, preview them and edit the documents’ merged data points directly from the preview window.  All your selected documents will be sent to all tenants you chose to be a party to the lease for e-signature. Executing the co-signer agreement will be a piece of cake, too.

Our apologies for any inconvenience during the down hours and Cheers to a better LeaseRunner!

LeaseRunner Team

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