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Create Rental Ads with “Apply Now” Button – just released!

Posted October 30th, 2012 No Comments

Have you ever wished for your rental applicants to apply directly from your property ad? We have great news for you!

Not only can your applicants apply from the rental ad, you can request their background check when they apply. LeaseRunner will charge the screening cost directly to the applicant.  We will email you once the rental application and tenant screening reports are completed.  It is up to you how you set up your leasing process, but LeaseRunner now makes it even more easier to get the job done!

View Sample of a Listing Ad with Apply Now

You have two options on how to set up your Apply Now button in your property ad:

1. Listing Ad + Rental Application + Tenant Screening

This is the ultimate automation of your property leasing . Let’s say you have several applicants interested in your rental. Instead of handing them a rental application or emailing them a link to apply, send your applicants back to your rental ad. They will click on the “Apply Now” button, submit the rental application and authorize the release of their background check. LeaseRunner will charge the cost of the screening services you have requested directly to them.

2. Listing Ad + Rental Application

This is the perfect workflow if you choose to pre-screen your applicants first, and order background checks later. When the applicant applies from your rental ad, you will receive a completed rental application . There is no charge to the applicant at this point. If qualified, you will be able to request a personal background check from your potential renter and automatically run eviction reports from our SCREEN workflow on the Dashboard. These services will be paid by you (property manager) or you can obtain the applicant’s credit card information to charge the screening fee directly to the applicant.

Is It Secure?

Absolutely! Just like with our emailed application and screening request, your tenant does not provide any sensitive information to you or to LeaseRunner. After the fee is paid, the potential renter logs in to TransUnion and securely releases the background check to you using his/her social security number.

What Does It Cost?

It’s free! There is no charge associated with creating the listing and the Apply Now button other than the screening service cost itself.

Please contact us with additional questions at 303-468-8018 or

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