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Major Changes to Oregon Residential Lease Law

Posted October 3rd, 2013 No Comments

Effective January 1, 2014, Oregon changed fifteen sections of its landlord-tenant law. The changes impact applicant screening, renters insurance, tenant noncompliance, abandoned personal property, pets, and much more. Please see 2013 Oregon Laws Ch. 294 (S.B. 91).

LeaseRunner redrafted its Oregon Residential Lease to incorporate the changes in landlord-tenant law. LeaseRunner’s lease documents are pre-populated with tenant and property data, and they can be grouped into batches and emailed for e-signature. Below is an example executed lease. Included is an Oregon Residential Lease, Oregon Carbon Monoxide Addendum, and Residential Inspection Checklist. Click on the link and see how LeaseRunner’s Oregon Residential Lease handles topics such as security deposits, maintenance requirements, abandonment, and more.

LeaseRunner provides tenant screening services that can be integrated with online rental application and even your rental ads using our APPLY NOW button. Digital lease documents and online rent payments make LeaseRunner the best tenant screening service for any independent landlord and real estate professional.

Oregon Residential Lease Example

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